Drive Assist

A revolutionary driving assistant app will be launched soon.

Drive Assist

Augmented driving app

Smartphones? How about smart vehicles? Make your car smarter using the advanced technology provided by DriveAssist! Using the mobile phone's camera, we provide an easy solution to make your automobile smarter and safer! The only requirement for the app is that you have a windshield mount and that you place the phone in it. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are now possible on mobile devices thanks to the advances and progress in both software & hardware.

DriveAssist app will be launched soon, click on the phone above for a live demo recorded in the urban city traffic or subscribe below for news & updates. You can also follow us on popular social media websites using the icons below the sign-up form.


featuresExperimental algorithms developed to assist you while driving using your mobile phone's built in camera.

featuresDetects on road obstacles including: cars, pedestrians, bicyclists & alerts you in case of an imminent crash.